User interface change request (at least in French): Unique words

In our recent Bloom workshop, in the leveled reader setup, we had a problem with the definition of the “Maximum Unique Words in Book” parameter. Now, I know what that is supposed to mean: you don’t want a lot of different words in the book, to overwhelm the beginning reader. So if you have the texts, “the dog eats; the cat eats; the horse eats”, there are 5 different words used. So far so good. But think a little more about the meaning of “unique”. The word “dog” is unique in the book, because it only appears once. The word “the” is not unique because it appears multiple times. Do you see the confusion? So in a sense, the number of unique words in this text is only 3. But there are 5 different words used.

I would propose that you simply use the word “different”, so “Maximum Different Words in Book”. I think that might communicate better, without the possible confusion of the definition of “unique”. In the French interface that would be “Limite de mots différents par livre”. And in the leveled reader tool, where the counts are presented, we would want “mots différents” instead of “mots uniques”. I would think you would want to make the same change in the English interface - there is the same possibility of confusion, but maybe a bit less than there is in French.

Thanks for considering this change.

Thanks for the suggestion, Jeff. Go ahead and enter your suggested French translation on crowdin and @mention one of the approvers (e.g. @Matthew_Lee).

Meanwhile I’ve added some clarification in the context section there.

In my dialect, I think ‘distinct’ would be more natural in this context, but it’s a much more technical and less commonly used word.

This change has been made for French.