Use my drafted book in one language to be a source book for another

I’ve made my draft book in one language and a friend wants to use it as a source book for his language. I’m not ready yet to post my book to bloom library as the text needs checking. Is there a way to put the draft book into ‘Sources for New Books’ manually so I can prepare a version of the book in English and then bloompack it to him?

Hi Glenys,

I’m not clear why you want to put it in Source for new books? Can you just make a bloompack?


Remember that if he uses it from a bloompack, Bloom will determine that he is making a derivation, and so your original copyright will be preserved and he can add a new copyright for his translation.

If you didn’t want that, if he was instead going to just collaborate with you on your book, then it would be better to just copy your book’s folder into his collection (or share your whole collection).

Sorry John, I didn’t want to bother you. I want to be able to make the English version on my machine and bloom pack that. So I guess the question is, can I make a derivation from a language book I have made without uploading to Bloom library?

or do I just bloompack it and put it manually in my English collection?

If the book is already in English or a language he can understand, then just make it into a Bloom Pack and then he can use it for whatever language collection he wants.

(I’ve done this in workshops where participants create a book in English or a major language, save it as a Bloom pack, then other participants translate it into their language).

If it’s not in English yet, you could make it into a two-language book and make English the second language. Then make it into a Bloompack and share it.

Thanks Liz, its not in English yet. So that’s the issue. There’s no room on pages for a diglot option. Otherwise that would have been a good solution. Might just start it from scratch again.

So I guess the question is, can I make a derivation from a language book I have made without uploading to Bloom library?

Yes. Nothing special happens to a book when you upload it.

Hmmm, I think I got thrown off by the mention of a friend. Maybe you’re asking how you can make a derivation of your own book? If you don’t already see your book in your Source For New Books, you can make yourself a bloompack and install it. Then it will be just as if you uploaded and then downloaded the book.

Hi Glenys,

My understanding of what you're saying is that you don't necessarily want to make a "derived book" of the English version; what you want is to add English to your current book and then make a "source" for someone else to use. Am I understanding you correctly?
  Would it work to do this: Copy the book folder into a new collection where English is the first language, and the language the book is already in is the second language. Then I think you will see the current language text in text bubbles as you translate it into English.

  Then you can Bloompack the book for your friend. If he sets English as the second language in his collection he will see the English in bubbles.


Thanks all. I think I have worked it out from your combined comments. I know nothing special happens by posting to the Bloom Library but posting to the Bloom Library and then downloading to my computer was the only way I knew to get the file into the ‘Sources for New Books’ section.

So I made the Tok Pisin book into a Bloompack and guessed that to install it into the Sources for New Books, I had to save it to a different language collection than the one I was in, and then click on it. So now the book/s are in the Sources for New Books and I can make the English version for my friend. No point in sending him the Tok Pisin version as he is not in PNG and doesn’t know Tok Pisin.

Sorry my original question wasn’t clear and caused you all a lot of wondering and guessing. I also didn’t search for the right question in the documentation - my search was for: ‘install a bloom pack’ and I should have just searched for Bloom Pack and seen what came up with that…

Still learning!

Hi Glenys,

  I think all you need to do is to go into your collection settings and set your first (vernacular) language to English. Then the current text will go into the yellow bubbles to be translated into English. Once you've done that you can make your Bloom Pack and give it to your friend. Then you can go back to your collection and put the language settings back the way you had them.

Thanks Gordon. I never thought of that.

I almost suggested this also, Glenys. Not sure why I changed my mind. It’s easier than the other solutions, I think.