Uploaded Books missing

I uploaded some Bible Stories Mumuye 50-stories, Nya Huba 50- Stories, Kanri 50 stories and Fali 50 lessons . At the moment Nya Huba 41 stories are missing and other languages

Hi Charles,

Just a thought… when you uploaded books, did Bloom warn you that you were about to replace an existing book? Sometimes people make a copy of a book from outside of Bloom, not realizing that each Bloom book has a unique identifier inside of it. This identifier is used to determine whether you are trying to update an existing book or upload a new one.

I see 113 books uploaded by you:
Kanuri: 50 books
Fali: 49 books
Mumuye: 9 books
Nya Huba: 3 books

By the way for such a large number of books, there is a way to upload them all at once instead of one-by-one. This is called “bulk uploading”. If you would like help doing that, please write to issues@bloomlibrary.org.


The current message is perhaps not clear enough:


We are thinking of changing that to this:

Thank you John.
sorry for the late reply, was engaged in a rural location with little internet connectivity.
I will greatly help help to upload More Language and also solve the current problems.

Hi Charles. You can expect a direct email from me to set up a support call with you.