Upload whole collection to Bloom Library

Bloom has the ability to publish a whole collection to Bloom Reader at once.

I needed to upload a whole Collection to Bloom Library today. I did not see any way to do this apart from uploading them individually. It was only 10 books, so not too time consuming, but other users may have larger collections to upload.

Is that something that could be implemented for uploading a collection to Bloom Library? (Or selecting multiple books within a collection to upload).

That feature does exist, but you have to be using Bloom Enterprise to get access to it. You should see this option on the upload to web screen:

Thanks Paul. It’s good to know it is available.

The books I was uploading were for a partner organisation which is just starting out with creating/sharing books on Bloom, so they don’t have a Bloom Enterprise subscription.

I wonder if there are other organisations (without a Bloom Enterprise subscription) who are uploading multiple books to Bloom library, and may benefit from this feature in the “regular release” version.

I don’t anticipate us making that a freely available function because such organization-oriented features are being reserved for organizations that subscribe, but I would be happy to negotiate with any partner organization to provide Bloom Enterprise for them at a price they can afford.