Updating titles / Rearranging Order

I’m having some problems with Reading App Builder and I wondered if you all might have some tips.

I am working on a Reading App with 52 titles (in sfm format) which are divided into 6 or 7 categories depending on how you count. My headache is that if I need to change a title or add a title to one of the categories, in order to keep the alphabetical order I want, I have to re-upload any titles that come after the book in the app. Is there a feature that I’m missing that allows me to change the order of books without reuploading?

Also I have tried to update titles, but even when I delete images, the preview of the title doesn’t change even when the sfm code in the source tab mimics the changes I’ve made. I’ve hit the refresh button, but it doesn’t change the preview. What might I be doing wrong here?

So are you talking about the order in the Contents menu? If so then you can reorder items by dragging and dropping.

If you mean the order of the books then you can click on the collection, then click on the book you want to change location, then click again and hold then drag.

Does that answer your question?

This appears like it should be the correct answer, especially since that is written into the instructions. However, dragging and dropping is not working with my hp trackpad. I plugged in an external mouse to see if it was a problem with drivers, but that doesn’t do it either. This works neither for the Contents menu or the order of the books. I’m running the May 16, 2020 release on an HP Spectre x360. It sounds like I should submit a bug request for this one, that is unless I am missing something.

It may be a bug on your machine but let me spell out how to drag items in case it is just technique. If it is a bug on your machine then without a machine the same as yours it is extremely unlikely to be fixed.

Dragging is a two step process that I get wrong from time to time.

  1. Select the one you want to move with a click that is released. It must be a single click that is released.
  2. Click, hold and drag the item.

Just to let you know the results. I followed your instructions exactly as typed and it doesn’t work on my computer with either usb mouse or trackpad. Thank you for taking the time to try to help me out though. Regards,