Updating Keyman 12 desktop

I’ve been trying to update Keyman 12 desktop from to the latest version on Windows 10, a fresh install in the last couple of weeks. I keep getting two error messages and the upgrade fails:

Keyman Engine 12.0 can not be started while Keyman 5.x or 6.x is running. Please shut down Keyman 5.x/6.x first.
Access violation at address 71192D8E in module ‘atcuf32.dll’. Read of address 000000C4

Any ideas?

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Welcome to the community, Leigh.

In this case, it may help if you uninstall the current version of Keyman, restart your machine and then install the latest version: keymandesktop- stable (released 2019-12-18, 17.19 MB).

Please let me know how it goes.

Just to add some details to Makara’s instructions:

Launch “Settings”, type “programs”, and you should be able to select “Add or remove programs” from the list. This should bring up “Apps & features”.

Click in the box that says “Search this list” and type “Keyman”. This should list all the installed Keyman products. You can then see what needs to be uninstalled, or ask on this list if you have questions.

Thanks guys, that did it.

I have the same problem.
I uninstalled; re-installed…same problem.
Further, after the uninstall, my Keyman keyboard shows all my previously installed keyboards, but the configuration shows none installed.
I’d like to remove all previous intalled keyboards and start over, but the only way I found to remove the old ones is via the configuration, but it doesn’t show any are installed.
How can I remove the old ones or at least make the configuration show them so I can remove them there?

@RustyE, do you have Keyman Developer installed as well as Keyman Desktop? You may find you need to uninstall both products in order to reset the list of installed keyboards.

Thanks Marc,

That worked J




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Dear, sir
I am interest developing font as font for google system , PC , Mac and Androi but I don’t know how can I start
If not disturb you can share your knowledge for me
I want to know how can I add font to google font
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Best regards,

Hi Bounmy.

Unfortunately we aren’t in a position to help people with developing fonts. There are multiple tools out there for drawing the fonts.

We have used FontLab, Glyphs, and FontForge for drawing the glyphs. Those are all good tools.

We always release our fonts under the Open Font License which is a well respected license. Google Fonts requires any font that it puts on Google Fonts to be released under the OFL. However, Google Fonts actually needs to want your font. As far as I know, you cannot just request them to add your font to the Google Fonts library.

We have also created a site called Font Development Best Practices that you should find helpful as you begin your journey.

Since this is actual the Keyman/keyboarding topic, I will also tell you that once you develop a font, you can distribute it within your Keyman package. That is a good way to make sure your keyboard has the font it needs.