Updating Keyman 10 Keyboard to 12

I’ve downloaded Developer 12, and it won’t open my version 10 keyboard. Do I need to use the Command Line Conversion Utility? If so, can I have instructions for how? I’ve never been comfortable with the command line.

You shouldn’t need to do anything like that. Keyman Developer should normally load keyboards from any earlier version without trouble.

When you say “it won’t open”, what do you mean? Does Keyman Developer give an error message and if so what is the error?

Apparently I was trying to open the wrong thing? It was prompting me to give it a .kpj file, which I don’t have. Now I’m using the usual folder icon to open my file (which was greyed out before?) and things are working fine!

I see! Yes, we now recommend a workflow which includes a Project file. This makes it easier to organise your keyboard and related files and prepare them for sharing. You can learn more about projects at https://help.keyman.com/developer/12.0/context/project.

We recommend one keyboard layout per project.

You can add your existing keyboard to a project by creating a Blank keyboard project and then using Project|Add to Project|Other files… menu to add your keyboard .kmn and package .kps files to the project.

When creating a new project, we recommend using the Basic keyboard project which creates the template files for you and lays them out so all you have to do is fill in your keyboard’s specific functionality.