Updating Bloom in Windows 7

This week I started to train two people to use Bloom. One participant has Windows 7 on his computer, we were not able to install the most recent version of Bloom because his OS would not support NET 4.6.1. However, we got the Vista Version 3.7.13 working… I was hoping that Bloom would update automatically, but that is not happening. Is there any way to update Bloom in Windows 7 if it does not have SP1?


Hi, @Nancy
Unfortunately, if you are unable to get SP1, I think the best you can do is the Vista version you found. But as you discovered, it will not update. 3.7 is the highest version of Bloom which will work on Windows 7 without SP1.

One option to consider is the Linux version. You could replace Windows 7 on that machine with Linux and run Bloom there, but that is not for the technically faint of heart! You would only want to do that if you have good technical support available or already have experience with Linux.

Thanks! We will try to update the laptop to SP1.