Updates for Story Primer templates

I’ve recently been working on getting some Story Primers into Bloom so others can use them as source books. Most of them are Scripture primers. There are a couple of annoying things on the story primer templates that I’d like changed if it is possible.

  1. With the advent of custom page, I can now manipulate where the text and pictures fall on given pages so I’ve become very frustrated with three of the template pages in the Story Primer set that don’t allow much flexibility in this.They are:
    *Story Start
    *Story continues
    *Lesson- Story page
    Is it possible to allow the user to enlarge the picture boxes on these pages to any width needed?

  2. In the Lesson Word Work page, is it possible to add an instruction text box next to the icon in the final activity box of the page; similar to instruction text box that goes with the writing activity?

Since these pages don’t conform to the custom page type where the user can make these minor adjustments themselves, users are locked in with their frustrations. Would be great if we could be released!
Thanks for listening!