Updated instructions for accessing email settings

In most of these topics there is a pinned “About this category” thread.

I noticed that the “Participating via email” instructions in most of them seem to be out of date- at least for accessing the email settings page.

I made a new version in the Language Forge topic. Admins- feel free to copy, paste, and adapt.

Same goes for the SIL Scripture Software Community Page.

Is the part about creating a new topic with an email still correct?

To start a new topic via email, email to scripture_software_community+sab@sil.org.

We know that some of our colleagues have poor or expensive internet access. Therefore we also allow anyone to ask questions simply by emailing to scripture_software_community+sab@sil.org. They don’t even need to create an account first.

I tried adapting the email address for Language Forge and sending an email, but it bounced back after a couple of days. I guess one could try sending an email to this email address and see if it posts. And then deleting the post once confirmed.