Unknown Language on PDF

Hello. When creating PDFs in Fongbe, Adja, Baatonum, and Dendi my colleagues choose the language from the dropdown, but on the cover they show up as Language Unknown (fon) or the other code for the language. When I try I choose the language and it shows up normal on the page. They are trying to Report the Problem using the help menu and attaching the book, but it won’t go due to a slow connection. Has anyone experienced this before? I’m attaching screenshots from Judith (my colleague) as well as when I tried and didn’t get the same error.

Hi Marci,

In (3) below, can you type in a language name?

Some tips in case you have more issues:

  • You may find it more convenient to make actual Screenshots instead of photographs. Just press windows key, then “Snipping Tool”.
  • In your second image, there is a link to a report.zip. The message says to try and send us that by some other means. E.g. email, dropbox, whatever works for you.

Hi John - thanks for the response. They can take screenshots, but can’t send them since the internet is not working. The only thing working right now is WhatsApp since it is on their mobiles. I have asked them if they get that text box, and from what I can tell they do not see it. I have it on my Bloom. Sandrine sent a screenshot where she can select a language but there is no box to type into below (your example 3).

I asked Judith to send the zip file, but since she doesn’t have internet she can’t send it. I asked her to open it and she showed me all of the files that would be included. Is there a specific file in the zip that she should open and photograph for us?

Ah, OK. So they are running an old version. And don’t have a way of downloading something more up to date. Well, here’s a way to edit the file by hand:

  1. Quit Bloom

  2. In Windows File Explorer, find the .bloomCollection file. Remember that on many people’s Windows, the File Explorer will hide what comes after the full-stop:


  1. Now this is the tricky part… they need to open that in NotePad. Not WORD or anything complicated! That would wreck it.

  2. Type in the language name you want.

Here I’ve highlighted where you would type the language name if it is the first language:


Of course they need to not touch anything outside of the > and the < .

  1. Then save, close Notepad, run Bloom.

Thank you for your help, John. We tried last night and Judith wasn’t able to find the correct file on her computer. I’m not in the office with Bloom and can find it quite easily on mine, so we’re going to work together again today to locate it. A nice side effect of this effort is that Judith is becoming more familiar with what code looks like.

A couple weeks ago I’m pretty sure they updated their Bloom, and from what I saw on one of the files it looks like they are using Bloom Beta. Is there a way for them to change versions or not at this point? I’m headed to Benin next week and will be able to get all of their computers in order, but unfortunately we need to print these books before I arrive.

Sorry, I don’t know what you mean. If it were up to us, everyone would always have the very latest, but we understand that internet conditions do not always permit that.

Sorry, John. I wasn’t very clear there. I’m wondering if they can get to an internet connection if they could update their version to 4.1.15 instead of Beta.

Sandrine was able to open the file for her collection and she’s missing a couple lines of code. The photo she sent was pretty blurry, but I was able to see that there is no Language2Name nor Language3Name, but I did see all 3 languages with the following code (per each language)



There are two ways to update Bloom. One is to update from within Bloom itself.
Click Help -> Check for Updates.
You will receive a message in the lower right stating you are up to date or click here to update.
If this works, the advantage is that the download should be smaller than the full installer.

The other is to download the full installer here:

Note that both the Release version and the Beta version can be happily installed side by side on the same machine.

Thanks, Andrew. I’m going to have them try to update when they get to a cyber cafe. In the meantime, I saw that they are missing a few lines of code. At this point we’re just going to print out the books that do not have the Unknown Language on the cover and see what I can do when I get there over the weekend. thanks to all of you for your help!