Unable to install IPA on Android

Hi folks. Am trying in vain to install IPA keyboard through the Android app. If I choose install keyboard the whole list comes up, but I cannot find anything that looks like IPA, or SIL IPA or Other. The huge list is also not searchable so scrolling is the only option. So I clicked hamburger menu and choose keyboard help. Then I can choose SIL IPA but only for info and documentation, not to install it. Any ideas? Thanks


Hi Ian
The IPA keyboard is certainly a challenge to find. The issue is that it doesn’t belong to a language (like English or Khmer), so the BCP 47 language tag we’re using is und-fonipa

That means to get the keyboard, in the Language list, search for “Undetermined”

That brings up keyboard selections
NW Iranian Latin

You want the last one, which will be version 1.6.

We aim to revamp the keyboard search to make it friendlier. It’s on the list of TODO’s.

Thanks Darcy. Here’s a
follow-up question: Khmer has the letter ប (type ‘B’) whereas
many of the tribal languages here have that and also breathy
sounds, for which an older, unused Khmer symbol is used = ឞ
(right-Alt B). On the Windows Angkor Khmer Keyman keyboard, that
symbol is available. It doesn’t seem to be on the Android
keyboard. I first looked for it by longpressing ប. Is it
somewhere else or is that a character you could add? It’s not
just the bilabials but all plosives. So we have:

    k = ក គ like Khmer and also

b = ប ព (shift B) and also ឞ

    For the other plosives no

additional symbols are needed.



Hi again Darcy. There’s another symbol I can’t find in the IPA keyboard, that is breathy voice quality, 2 little dots underneath a vowel. On a computer keyboard you type it by holding shift and pressing the number 5 key 3 times . Is that character available on this keyboard?


Hi Ian

On the default layer of “khmer angkor”, that key is on a longpress of the “s” key

On the symbol layer of “SIL IPA” (access from the blue hurricane), longpress on the key with two dots (on the top row, near the right)

Thank you so much! I thought I checked them all but must have missed it.