Unable to deploy Keyman with SCCM and Intune


I work for the Cree School Board in Quebec and we have been trying to deploy Keyman to all of the computers in our park in SCCM and Intune but haven’t been able to do it.

Can someone help?

Hi @Natcay, welcome to the Keyman Community!

We can probably help. It depends on what you are wanting us to help with! Can you give some more details on the problem – Keyman version, keyboards you are deploying, Windows version, method of deployment, scripts, etc – as much detail as you can provide will help us to know where to start!

Hi Marc,

We are trying to install the latest Keyman with BJCreeUNI (east) keyboard (bj_cree_east.kmx) that contains Northern East Cree (crl-Cans-CA) and Southern East Cree (crj_Cans-CA). It is for Windows 10 20H2 and up.

In Intune we have tried to install it as a Win32 app:

It fails automatically.

In SCCM we’ve tried as an MSI or manually (exe) or as a package. It would sometimes install but wouldn’t open. Or it would fail.

We tried by GPO and by script as well. I’m waiting for a colleague to send me what he did.

I see. This executable would download Keyman and the keyboard during install, and is designed for end users to install rather than for automated deployment.

I would suggest downloading the full Keyman package and the bj_cree_east keyboard separately, and configure a setup.inf file to automate installation:

  1. https://downloads.keyman.com/windows/stable/14.0.283/keyman-14.0.283.exe is the full installer for the latest stable release of Keyman for Windows. Use the -s and -o install parameters (silent and offline).
  2. https://downloads.keyman.com/keyboards/bj_cree_east/9.0.4/bj_cree_east.kmp is the package to install.
  3. Create a file setup.inf which goes in the same folder as these two files, and contains:


That should install both Keyman and the keyboard together.

https://help.keyman.com/knowledge-base/35 describes the bootstrap installer parameters.

I don’t have access to an Intune environment to test this; so please do let me know how you go.

I did some test in MECM. It failed again. This is the messages I get when I try to open Keyman on the computers.

This is the message I get when I click Cancel:

Can you describe how you have configured the deployment of Keyman – do you have a script or other setup? Are you setting it up to install on first use?

In both cases, MECM and Intune, I made an application using the msi.

We want it to be installed and open at every startup.

Do you have log files from the deployments? That might help me to understand why the msi seems to be looking for a network resource – which it shouldn’t be; the .msi is relatively straightforward and should work fine offline. You can share log files via private direct message to me on the forum.

Otherwise, I am not sure. I know that many other organisations are deploying Keyman using various technologies such as SCCM and I have assisted organisations to do deployments in the past, but I have never done one using Intune. We might also be able to assist further through a remote support session or with dedicated consulting.

Have you had any luck with this? Is there anything else we can help with?

I haven’t had much time lately. We’ve been swamped with demands. I’ll try again at the end of the holidays and get back to you if that’s alright.

No worries – entirely up to you! We’re here if you need assistance :smiley:

Hi Marc,

Is it still possible to have the remote support session?


Yes, that’s possible. I will contact you via DM.