Unable to add collaborators though I have manage access


Please note that Benjamin is the owner, not me. Could that be the issue?

This issue is now fixed.

I’m glad to see that you got your problem resolved. I am new to Language Forge, and I’m trying to share with the indigenous community. Today, I tried a test with a local friend and he got this error message:
How can I get this issue fixed? Thank you, Mike Neterer in Minneapolis

Hi Mike,

There isn’t enough information in this error message for me to say for sure what happened. My guess is that the URL which was sent in his invitation got mangled somehow resulting in the “empty key” error. Also possible is that the link expired before he clicked on it. In any case, if you try again, can you post more detailed steps on what you are doing to reproduce the problem?

Thanks Chris. So far, that was a one-time error. I’ve had success recently inviting others and confirming that they get access.