Typing "special characters" on Language Forge


The native speaker in Africa who is working with me using the Language Forge interface tells me that he cannot get Keyman to work on the site, so he can’t leave notes for me about the corrections he recommends for the database. (He has to send them in an email, where he can use Keyman to type the special characters in the orthography. Is there a way to use Keyman on the site? (I have not tried it myself, but the language technology support person there tried and was unsuccessful.)


Hi Kevin,

Do you know what browser the African speaker is using in this situation? Currently, MS Edge does not work with Keyman (Edge does not, or did not, support third party IMEs) . I recommend using Chrome for use with Language Forge.

Let me know if we need to investigate this further.



I just checked with the Language Technology support person in Burkina Faso and he is unable to get Keyman to work on the site, even when he specifically uses Chrome. He would like to know if you can give detailed instructions for activating Keyman in Chrome on an Android phone. (I’m corresponding with him in French; if you are conversant in French, you could interact with him directly.)


Thank you for that Kevin. I did not realize the user was using Chrome on Android. If you’re able, it would be good to get the version of Android the user has, as well as the version of Chrome.




Android 6.0.1
Chrome 67.0.3396.87


Hi Kevin,

This most likely an issue with Keyman Android and the particular language/keyboard you are using. We need to follow up with the Keyman team with regards to this issue.


Hi Kevin,

You will want to re-post the question/issue on the Keyman support community site: https://community.software.sil.org/c/keyman

And also link to this issue for reference. Thanks.