Typing alternate glyphs in Bloom; could it be set up in KeyMan?

I’m wondering whether this issue has been addressed yet; I can’t find any posts in the forums.

In Paratext, InDesign, LibreOffice one can specify to use the Graphite alternate glyphs for a style or a project font (PT). For other programs we have been encouraged to use TypeTuner to create custom fonts.

I’m trying to figure out how to propagate a custom font with books placed in Bloom Library or a country-wide book repository, or even between literacy teachers in neighboring languages.

For example, the education curriculum teaches printing of “small-t straight tail”, but Andika’s default is “curved tail”. Our easy reading books should follow the education dept’s standard, so an Andika_Straight derived font was created for the SIL Literacy Dept. But the point of Bloom is to make it “easy” to propagate books freely. How do we make sure that the straight-tail-t gets propagated with ALL appropriate Bloom books, singly or in BloomPacks, especially in a larger entity or country?

I really like the Paratext method of assigning font features for each project via an easy-to-understand dialog. LibreOffice’s method works too, but I end up opening a Paratext Language Properties window as an aid in composing a LO font statement such as this:

I would like to see some sort of per-Collection (Bloom), or per-Language (KeyMan) solution for this issue. In Bloom could it be an Admin Task to set up fonts with font feature specs?