TypeTuner Web network protocol error

I’ve tried to make a modified font on TypeTuner Web using Safari, Firefox and Chrome. All of them produce the same error when I click “Get tuned font.” Error is NSPOSIXErrorDomain:100. I successfully used TypeTuner a number of years ago with no problem, so don’t understand what the issue is this time.

I’m using a Mac with OS 10.15.17.

Hi Chris - I just tested it myself and it seemed to work fine with macOS 11.6.1. Could you try again and let me know the browser versions you’re using? It would also be helpful to know the exact configuration of font and features you set. It’s quite possible that there’s a bug in a font that only happens when certain features are set. Thanks, Victor

BTW - This particular type of error (NSPOSIXErrorDomain:100) is related to how your OS interacts with the server, and can be caused by configuration issues on the server. It’s more commonly caused by issues on your local computer, sometimes related to malware, viruses, and anti-virus software (particularly by Intego). Google that error for some ideas on how to fix it.

Even though it’s highly unlikely this has to do with a particular font or set of features it would still be good to have that info so we can test that exact scenario.

If you try some of the fixes you can find online yet still have problems please send me the details and I can work with those who run our servers to determine if there’s anything we can do on our end to help.

As another diagnostic aid, you may want to try TypeTuner Web from another device.

( sorry but I’m now leaving for an extended Christmas break but could follow up on this in January )

I figured out the problem! The name I used was too long. I now have a modified font.

One question is that I see the downloadable unmodified font for Andika comes with the full range of type faces (Italic, Bold, etc.), but the modified form comes only as Regular. Andika New Basic modified fonts come with the full range. Is there a reason why Andika does not?

2nd question: All we need Andika for is the use of the Bottom Tie Bar (IPA #433) used in some early literacy materials to help indicate/differentiate diphthongs. Would it be possible to add that one character into Andika New Basic somehow so that the entire Andika font is not needed?

Third question: is there a way to have a capital letter “i” without the top and bottom bar? We have found teaching new adult readers the form of the letter with those bars is tedious and difficult for them, whereas in common writing most people don’t put the bars. We have seen in Cameroon now that the hand-writing curriculum is teaching the simplified capital-I and the lower-case L with a tail. Thus, we used the Type Tuner to get the other modifications we need: #1 w/o base, open 4, barred 7, small letter L with tail. If we could get an option to exchange the capital-I, then we would have what is needed for these Fulfulde literacy materials.

What an odd cause for that error. I can’t explain it but glad it now works.

The latest version of Andika (v6) has the full set of styles, although v6 is not yet available through TypeTuner Web. That’s our top priority at the moment and will be updated soon. Andika New Basic had the styles much earlier because the character set was limited. With Andika v6 the Andika New Basic fonts are no longer needed unless there is a compelling reason to need a font that is smaller. With current technology that need is greatly reduced, or in many cases, eliminated.

We’re not planning any updates to Andika New Basic in the future, so if you need the bottom tie bar you should use Andika.

There is no version of capital I available in Andika, but I’ll add that to the list of requests. It’s not likely to happen anytime soon, though, as we already have many other requests to handle.

Thank you Victor for the explanations and clarifications. Thank you, as well, for your ongoing work on font development.