Two-page view within Bloom Reader

With the costs involved in printing books, some literacy teams are using Bloom Reader - publishing many books onto tablets. One team suggested that Bloom Reader have an option where two pages can be displayed at once - just like a real book.

Yes, I’ve wondered if that would be possible too.

If this view were added to Bloom Reader might it make it possible to add “print format” books in A5 format with full-page images and text on facing pages? The book could then be viewed in Landscape format even though each page is A5 portrait format. This could save a good bit of manual reformatting effort between eBooks and print Books.

This would be helpful.

There are currently no votes on this feature request, but I already have 5 votes on other features, so am at my voting limit.

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I am also at my limit. Five votes feels pretty limiting.

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