Two page view in edit mode

Sometime literacy workers like to view and edit the two adjacent pages together when they are developing a book. Currently you can only view and edit one page at a time. There is enough space on the screen to show two pages. You could make this an option in the toolbar.

Yes, this is something that was mentioned in a recent training I conducted. (I’m still going through my notes!)
For teams working on Big Books (with a story on one page and picture on the other), being able to view both pages at once would be helpful.


Yes, this was suggested to me by literacy workers in my area at one of their COP meetings where I was explaining Bloom to them.


Kent Schroeder
Domain Team Leader - Language Technology

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I have wished for this too, and today heard from someone currently in a workshop annoyed by not having this feature.

Thanks @LitBeth.

In the case you are thinking of, do you need the ability for objects (images, text, etc) to span the pages? Or do you simply need to see both sides at the same time?

I actually only meant that we need to be able to see both sides at the same time. I see Liz mentioned Big Books, but it’s also true in A5 or any book where the picture and text are on side by side pages.

But now that you mention it…there are books we’ve never put into BLOOM because the picture and text spanned the pages…guessing that is a different request, but yes, that would be useful too.

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Yes. We really need this to make our books work better. I would be happy to just see both pages side by side. We are not trying to cross the margins with printing the books at this point. It will make it easier to see how the text on the facing page lines up with the image on the other. OR to be sure your boxes are aligned, etc.