Two exciting new Talking Books with student drawings

@Marty recently showed me two Bloom Talking Books in the Tz’utujil language from the Puerta Abierta Atitlán school in Guatemala. I think they are a terrific example of how engaging books are when drawn locally, even if the drawings don’t look “professional”.

The school hasn’t yet started using Bloom Library; instead they share the books from phone to phone using Bloom Reader and WhatsApp. We got permission to put them on so that the rest of us can appreciate them and hear how well those kids are reading!

If you haven’t already, please click on the links below and check out Bloom Library’s new ability to let you read & listen to books from your browser. Also notice that these books can be downloaded to your Android phone’s Bloom Reader.

Leave encouragement for these students here or message me, and we’ll send them on to the school. Mention where you are writing from… that would be fun for the students to see all the places that have seen their book.

Amul Nuban Perwa’ Bajlam: