Tutorials on how to create the Dictionary App

Please can I have a video tutorial on how to create a Dictionary App using the app? Some of us are very new to the app and to programming knowledge.

Welcome JerryD.

Dictionary App Builder needs a source file created in other software.

Two source files are supported:

If you have a source file from one of the above then read the documentation and follow it. It is well written.

Ok, but please sir, I’m totally new to app building so I need a tutorial video in order to follow. Thanks!

Do you have the data for the app in an acceptable format? If so then you are wanting a video on Dictionary App builder. We don’t have those. The instruction PDF is good. https://software.sil.org/downloads/r/dictionaryappbuilder/Dictionary-App-Builder-02-Building-Apps.pdf
If you don’t have data in an acceptable form then you want a video on Fieldworks. Those can be found here: FLEx on Vimeo These may be overwhelming if you have no background in Linguistics.