Turn off highlighting in audio book?

User question/comment:

If you make a talking book, can the highlighting be turned off when the app is played, or does it always come on. My experience is that when you click on audio, it turns on audio AND highlighting

If the audio is not synchronized, there is no highlighting. But if the audio is synchronized, the text is automatically highlighted.

That would be a nice feature, to turn highlighting on and off.

In the next version of RAB, version 4.0, you will be able to turn off highlighting of phrases during audio playback - at least in the app builder. Is this somethinig you would like the user to be able to turn on/off in the app Settings screen?

Being able to turn the highlighting off within the app builder would be helpful, but it would be good to have this feature available to the user also.

This would allow users to control whether they want the highlighting on or off.

Thank you for the suggestion, Liz.
The new user setting will be in Reading App Builder 4.0, to be released in the next few days.