Turn off Bloom registration when opening program

A Bloom workshop is happening this week in an area without internet. Participants installed Bloom through the installation files on a flash drive, but don’t have enough internet to complete the registration screen that appears.

I’m guessing this appears for first time users, but I’m not at the workshop, so I don’t know exactly what it says.

Is there a way to turn this off or postpone it, so it doesnt keep appearing when they open Bloom.

Liz, have they tried just going ahead and filling out the dialog? I think Bloom should accept the information and stop bugging them, even if it can’t send it to us immediately.

My understanding is that they already tried this, but I’ll ask them to try again.

This would work IF the computers have no need to access the
limited internet available during the workshop. My understanding
is that Bloom will keep trying to send that reg. information in
the background.

  We found (in Wasta) that Bloom places a second Bloom icon in the

Panel/Taskbar for this reg. window. We could right-click this icon
and close that window. I assume Windows has something similar.

  Otherwise, if you leave the reg. window open long enough a link

appears, something to the effect of “I can’t do this right now,
I’ll try later.”

I am having the same problem after installing Bloom 4.1.15 on laptops that are NEVER connected to the internet. Every time Bloom is started the Register Bloom box appears. If I close the window or wait and click “I’m stuck, I’ll finish this later” then next time Bloom is started the box appears again. Even if I fill details and click Register, next time the box will still reappear showing the details I filled.
Is there any fix for this great irritation or can I transfer registration from another (online) computer, for example?

This is the same behaviour we experienced here with a Bloom workshop where the computers were not connected to the internet. Even clicking “I’ll finish later” just makes the box appear next time Bloom is started.


I’m looking at the code at the moment, and that is not what should happen. The code says that the Registration dialog should show if you have launched more than 2 times and either first name, surname, organization, or email is empty.

The code does not say anything about whether you were ever actually connected to the internet or not. It doesn’t even have a way of remembering if it ever actually delivered the registration info to us. It simply looks to see if all the fields are filled in.

Given that expectation, if y’all still find it coming up after having filled in everything, go ahead an report a bug (Help: Report a problem or issues@bloomlibrary.org).


Thank you, your reply has helped me solve the problem. I had been leaving the email field empty since the users don’t have email addresses. I have now entered my own email address and the Registration dialog box is no longer reappearing.