Trying to use SIL Converter Add-in for Publisher (Microsoft Office 365)

I am trying to convert a Publisher document from a language’s Roman script orthography into its Arabic script orthography. We already have a TECkit conversion file (which we use in Paratext). I remember having used a macro/add-in in Word a few years ago in an older version of Office (I think it was Office 2013 or 2016). Does the SIL Converter add-in work in Microsoft 365 subscription-based Office?

I have tried searching for it in the Add-In options within Office, but the SIL Converter does not show up in the list of add-ins.

I tried the same this week on my machine and was not successful.
From my testing, it looks like Publisher 2007 was the last version of Publisher that SIL converters were designed to support, and the old plugin refuses to install on newer versions. I hope someone can update it.

I was afraid of that. My vote is also for an update to this plugin since our team here uses Publisher quite a bit, and we are starting to work more with the two orthographies.

I’m also willing to use a good workaround if anyone has found something. The only thing I can think of is converting the Publisher file into a Word document and use the SIL Converter bulk Word converter tool. However, this is a bit clunky since it will still require copy-and-pasting the converted text into the old Publisher file and then wrestling with the formatting. If anyone knows of a better workaround, I’d be happy to hear it.

Actually, from my experience it is not so much the version rather the fact that it has to be 32-bit. I have it working on Publisher 2016 but I had to go down to 32-bit Office. Apprently it is no mean feat to update to 64-bit so it is unlikely.

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In this case, it should be easy enough to copy text from a document to that runs (without plugin) and then paste the text the text into a copy of the document in Publisher. You should not be blocked, just inconvenienced.

Your request has been forwarded to the developer to see what might be done.

Christmas Blessings,

In my case, I was converting a 150-page songbook with pictures, so it was easier to find a machine with 2007 installed than to copy/paste. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jenni, I have reverted to 32-bit versions of Office in the past, and that helped. The Converters work in Word 365, so I had assumed that I had 32-bit office installed now. Maybe I don’t.

Jenni to the rescue!

Now I have a slightly less efficient version of Office, but it is superpowered with SIL converters that I need for my work!

Sorry for the late response. For me uninstalling and reinstalling Office wasn’t straightforward because of the way my org’s Office licensing worked (and us being overseas rather than part of our hq’s network). Anyway, finally got 32-bit Office installed, and it does indeed work! Thank you all, and especially Jenni!