Trying to create a trilingual app

Note: this doesn’t concern reversal entries, I haven’t got that far yet.

I’m trying to create a trilingual app with Karon (krx) as the vernacular language and glosses/definitions in English and French. Is it possible to set it so that if someone has the app language set to French it will display only the French definitions, and if they are set to English it will display only the English definitions?

This isn’t currently possible, but it is an interesting idea that I’ve added to the developers list of possible enhancements. It would be ideal if you would add this to the DAB Feature Requests - SIL Language Software Community category, and allowed people to vote on the feature request, if it’s something they really want as well.

For now, however, you might want to try to visually distinguish between the English and French definitions - using a different color, different font, italic, etc. maybe even including a tag before the gloss “En:” and “Fr:”. Then it should be fairly easy for a French app user to quickly identify the French gloss in different entries.