Trouble with recording tool

My team and I are facing issues with the recording tool.

  1. On completing the recording of audio on the bloom software, line by line using the talking tool… often , the text merges and audio disappears.

  2. we have recorded the whole text for audio using the talking tool (after installing aneas) , but bloom is not splitting the text and audio for us into separate lines. What we end up with is the whole text highlighted and the audio read out.

  3. We often collaborate on creating books. So it is often not me who records the audio. We looked at this forum for possible solutions and downloaded audacity. We create dummy audio files and replace the names as requested in the post we read. But we are still facing problems where the whole text gets highlighted and audio disappears.

Do let us know if there are any solutions to fix this issue/ ways around it

We’re sorry you’re experiencing these issues. If need be, I’d be happy to meet with you to diagnose what is going on. In the meantime,

This was a work-around solution we had before we added the ability to import audio. Since Bloom 4.7, audio in mp3 format can be imported into Bloom. The caveat is the audio must be for the entire text box.

In the Talking Book Tool, tick “Record by whole text box”, then click “Import Recording”.

Let me know if you’d like to connect via Zoom or Skype.

Colin, we have tried several solutions:

  1. imported the text as one whole page and clicked the let Bloom split box - the whole text remains highlighted although when I listen to the text-to-speech voice, it does seem to read it as two sentences.
  2. Did the old patch where we created dummy recordings, copied file name, deleted old file and replaced it with new. It seems to destabilize the system and works sometimes and not other time… mostly that that the audio and the highlighted sentence don’t match or that the audio recorded of some sentences gets wiped out.
    also notice that the recordings done this way for the title page and the credits remain pretty stable and we only face big issues with the story text.

Solution #1 is the recommended approach.

It sounds like the split function is not working well for your language. Please submit your book so we can investigate why.

With your book selected in Bloom, click the question mark (?) at the top right corner and then click “Report a Problem”. Be sure to Include the book. In the “What were you doing”, describe which pages are not splitting correctly for you.

ok thanks Colin. Will do that right away.
Teresa (who sent the first mail) and I are each working on different books - but both in English, so feeling a bit jinxed right now!

Hello Colin, it seems we are facing similar problems recording booklets we publish in several languages at the time. In our case we corrected some typoes (post recording) and when we published the booklet again, several first sentences on different pages had gone missing - that is the audio wasn’t there any more.
So we went back to the studio to re-record and it messed the booklet up even more. :woozy_face:
We’ve sorted it out somehow now, but I thought you should be made aware of the problem.

Thanks for letting us know. We’re glad that you’ve worked out the problem.

Unfortunately, your description doesn’t provide me with enough context to know how recreate the problem, which is the key for us figuring out the where the bug might be.

So, going forward, if you do encounter the problem again, please do not hesitate to send us the book, and let us know as much detail about the editing stages in making the book that lead to the problem.