Trouble saving changes to book type, motion

I have had a number of instances now in an app I am working on in RAB 3.5 in which I make a change and hit “Save All” but then the program reverts back to the previous setting on its own. It is becoming rather frustrating, because it is happening over and over again.
The main two places I’ve seen it happen are:

  1. Books > Book Names > Book Type
    I change this to Picture Story Book and it changes itself back to “Default” which messes up the audio syncing.
  2. Books > Story Pages > Motion
    I changed this from no motion to having motion and set all the start and stop points. Then it reverted back to no motion.
    This seems like a bug but maybe it is user error? Any advice?

This is a reported issue for RAB 3.5 and is not fixed in 4.1.

For 3.5 you could try and do File Save to see if that preserves the setting instead of Save All.

If you want to edit the .appdef file, change each book:


Save that and open RAB and hit build.
I don’t have an example of a motion setting.