Trouble exporting from On-Screen

Hi, I am a linguistics student that wants to create a keyboard for mobile phones and I have two issues with Keyman Developer that I would be really thankful if someone could help me with.
I created and configured my desktop and touch keyboards. Everything was working fine until I tried to export png format from the On-Screen window and I got this error:
Everytime I try it, this message appears and the program closes.
Then I thought that maybe I could try hitting “Fill from layout” again in order for the information to update. I did not care about overwriting the keys because the layout was complete, so I just did it. But the importation never concluded. I waited for hours but the process seems to be stuck.
It always stops at Shift+Alt K_O with a window that says “Please wait while importing the keyman keyboard into the visual keyboard. Importing Shift+Alt K_O” I do not know what could be wrong with this particular key. I simply coded it with + [SHIFT ALT K_O] > ‘Ø’. If I stop the process like that I end up with only a few random letters on the On-Screen keyboard. I will be really happy if you can help me. Thank you in advance.

Also, if someone could orientate me or give a reference on making my keyboard easily installable on mobile phones for people I would appreciate it a lot. I read that it is possible to create a QR code for this, but I do not know how to do it.

Thank you very much

This is a known issue, and the developers have stated that they hope to fix it in KM 15. I answered it here:

If you notice in the screenshot, SHIFT+ALT+K_O is one of the default shortcuts used by Keyman (this is why it fails to pass through). The recommended option is not to use any combination that Keyman users will have enabled as a hotkey by default. The unrecommended workaround option is to temporarily disable/replace those shortcuts while importing (this unfortunately means your users would have to do the same to be able to type ‘Ø’).

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I’ve just fixed this in KM Developer 15 (not yet ready for general use, but it’s much better than it was).

In terms of the hotkey conflict, it’s not quite as bad as it used to be. Shift+Left Alt+O is the Keyman hotkey; Shift+Right Alt+O ([SHIFT RALT K_O]) should be used in the keyboard – then there is no conflict.

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In terms of the crash, I looked up that error code (the Copy to Clipboard button in that dialog allows you to copy and then paste that code into a message, which is easier than retyping it!).

The error is here: so we should be able to track it and resolve it in an upcoming release.

Bug report:

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The easiest way to do this is to contribute your keyboard to the Keyman keyboard repository – then the keyboard will be available for download within Keyman (and QR codes will be automatically available). See for the whole story here. (You can choose to distribute keyboards privately, but then you can’t use QR codes to share them – you have to share the .kmp file, and in my experience, it can be challenging to have a consistent experience on mobile devices).

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I see. Thank you so much for replying so quickly. It was really clear and helpful :slight_smile: I changed the key for that letter to SHIFT+ALT+0 and it got fixed. I was able to fill in the layout and continue working on the touch keyboard. Later I tried using right Alt instead of general Alt like Marc said below and I think that I am going with this option. Thank you very much for helping me. Have a nice day.

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Thank you very much. I tried using RALT and it works just fine. I coded it so that the only key that cannot be used with LALT is O and that is pretty good for me. Thank you for helping me so quickly!

I understand. For the time being I think I can manage without exporting this. Thank you for the attention and the advice on the copying button.

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I see. That sounds great. Keyman is really really useful. Now that I read the tutorial that you linked, I think that my question could have been a little dumb since the information was in the Keyman Help page. Thank you for kindly answering and redirecting me there.

P. S.: I am currently having trouble with some longpress keys from the touch keyboard. I posted it as another topic. I was wondering if you could take a look at it if you have time. Thank you, hope you have a nice day.

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I have a fix in the pipeline for this problem. A workaround: select a US English base keyboard in Windows before clicking the Export button.