Transliteration Keyboard


Do we have any example of transliteration keyboard. Indic keyboard would be very helpful.


These keyboards do not have the source available, but they are designed for the indic scripts (

This one has source, but it is not indic (

@lorna Thanks.
Can I see any of its source.
I don’t see the source in the keyboards repository.

I mean I don’t the source of hebgrktransuni either.

@mayura a .kmp file is like a .zip file. You can open a .zip file with 7-zip or anything else like that. The .kmn file is in that .kmp.

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Note: generally speaking, .kmn files are not included in .kmp files!

We do have other examples of transliteration keyboards, e.g. Tamil, which are open source even though the source is not yet in our keyboards repository (we are working on getting these across). Here’s Tamil Anjal, on my Google Drive:

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and another example (no source and not Indic though)

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Thank you @lorna @Marc @darcy_wong for your kind support

Hi, the Javanese Script keyboard I developed is Indic, and I have submitted it to github repo (pending review). It’s based on old Sanskrit and have very similar features.