Translating a Bloom Book for Online Community

I have a book that is written in the local language (Kwakum). However, I’d like to make the English and French translation available to those who want to use this book as a shell book for their language projects. How can I write up the French and English versions in the bubbles on the side (without having them show up in the book itself)?

Hi Stacey,

Thank you for wanting to share! This is one of the foundational
ideas of the Bloom system, so we want it to be as easy as

When you have your book open in the Edit tab, you’ll see a
dropdown at the top of the screen near the middle that usually
says “One Language”. This controls which languages of your
collection are visible on the page. If you use this dropdown to
add another language (for example English) then both Kwakum and
English will have spaces to enter text in each text box. After
you’ve entered all the English translation you can do the same
thing with the French. You’ll notice as you switch to displaying
the French and “turn off” the display of the English through the
dropdown that the English you’ve already entered will show up in
the bubbles on the side.

Then if you go to the Publish tab and “Share on the Web”, you can
upload your book to the site and others can
download it into their Bloom collections. When you upload, you
will see checkboxes that allow you to choose which languages you
want to send with your book, so you can just send the languages
you want to send.

Let us know if you have other questions, or if something I’ve
said isn’t clear.


I followed your advice and everything worked perfectly. Thank you so much,


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pour Windows 10