Transferring Bloom books

Having trouble transferring books from computer to phone and phone to computer. Any suggestions?

Hi Kristine,
Are you trying to transfer bloomPUBs (or .bloomd’s)? When you say phone… are you using Bloom Reader?

– or –

Are you trying to move a source folder of a Bloom book, for editing in Bloom, between computers with phones being like a… a replacement for a USB stick?

Hi, John!

Thank you for your quick response. I’m trying to remotely help Spanish speaking missionaries working with the Kakataibo language community in Peru. For this reason, I’m not exactly sure what the problem is.

They are using Bloom reader and want to share the books from the phone to the computer. Is that possible?



Hi Kristine,
I’d recommend that they go ahead and ask their questions here, in Spanish. It’s not required, but they could even make use of our Bloom Spanish Topic:


There are many Spanish speaking Bloom trainers lurking around would will be happy to talk to them directly :slight_smile:

Great! I’ve told them! Thanks, again!