Transferring Bloom audiobooks to iPhones

From post of @ktrammell

In the workshop this week there are participants with Apple iPhones. Is there a way to transfer the Bloom audiobooks to their phones? Thank you, Kristine

I think the best way to do this right now would be to publish the book as an epub (video here) and send it to an iPhone with the Gitden Reader app installed.

There is also a feature request on this forum where you can vote for an ios version of the BloomReader app.

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This is the feature request that @Bruce_Beatham refers to above:

When the question was previously asked by Kristine:

In summary, Bloom Reader is not available for IPhone yet, so you need to create an EPUB, and send it to a phone which has Gitden Reader installed. (Make sure you turn off the “TTS” (text-to-speech) option in the App so you can hear the recorded audio)

Dolphin EasyReader on iOS will also work.