Transfer Keyboard to Other Computer

I developed a unique keyboard that I installed on my computer and saved the kmp., kvk, etc files to my hard drive. I now got a new computer to which I want to install the keyboard. I tried to transfer the files by email to the new one. I get a list of all the files with a notice to “Open With…” but no program that works. How do I do the transfer?

Have you downloaded Keyman Desktop to your new computer?

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Hi there

Here’s the instructions for installing your keyboard package (.kmp) from Keyman Desktop

Towards the middle of the page is the section you want

Installing a Keyman Keyboard from a Folder on Your Computer

That section seems to refer to ready made Keyman boards. Mine is custom made one I made myself that doesn’t have the features illustrated on that page.

You mention transferring a kmp file to your new computer. Did you use Keyman Developer to create that .kmp Keyboard package? Some of the steps would be similar to the package tutorial.

Assuming you had created the .kmp file from Keyman Developer, you can pass that file around and install it through Keyman Desktop.

how do i pass it around?

Do you still have the .kmp file in your email? In your email, download the .kmp attachment locally to your new computer.

Then, you can follow the Desktop guide.