Training materials, videos in other languages

Are there any Bloom training materials or videos available in other languages? E.g. Indonesian

Hi Liz,
The training videos are subtitled in Indonesian. I’ll ask around about written materials.

Hi Liz–As John said, the training videos are subtitled in multiple languages (English, French, Kiswahili, Arabic, Nepali, Bangla, Bahasa Indonesia). They are available on Vimeo:, or the SIL LEAD YouTube channel:

There are written materials in English and French.

Thanks John and Paul. I mentioned the Bahasa Indonesian subtitles to a group in Malaysia this morning. Bahasa Malaysian is not exactly the same, but it’s close enough that it will be useful for them.

If you know of any written materials in other languages (other than English and French), that would be useful too.

Getting a good solid translation of the program interface is the basic building block for written materials. That process forces you to decide how to say any number of things that the materials are also going to need to talk about. The current more extensive written training materials in English and French (some of which you’ve seen in our trainer certification course, Liz) are there because we got a contract to create them. For other languages people will probably need to take the matter in hand and commit to helping create the materials in a given language. We can facilitate the process of adapting those materials into additional languages. (That’s one reason we chose to create the training materials in Bloom.) A small number of people willing to do the translation could go a long way.