Touchscreen Fontsize - how to change it

As we are progressing with the test of the android touch screen (15 participants) we have noticed that the fontsize varies for certain telephones. In this exemple (galaxy S5), in almost all the keys, the letters are aligned to the bottom, with the ɲ and ŋ losing their tail. Surprisingly, the digraph ŋm in the top right is smaller and also nicely vertically centered. What are the different options to influence the vertical and horizontal placement as well as font size of the character inside of the allotted keyspace ?

The ŋm positioning occurs because the width of the characters causes them to scale to fit. I am not sure why the other characters are not fitting onto the key square; @joshua_horton may have some ideas?

Follow-up: we do not currently have controls for layout as you describe. Note that the Keyman team only has their personal phones for testing (and some virtual devices, which are not really representative) so this feedback is really helpful.

I’d like to improve the positioning in this case; can you share a copy of the keyboard source files so that we can investigate?

I should have noted this before. You can control the relative size of the font on the key caps for touch layouts. You can change the font size for the whole keyboard in the Keyboard/Fonts dialog in Keyman Developer. For example, to use a font 80% normal size, use 0.8; the equivalent value in the .keyman-touch-layout file, as a property for the platform (e.g. a property of phone) is:

"fontsize": "0.8em"