Touch Layout - multiple unicode value identifiers

Is there a way to add characters with multiple unicode values to a touch layout in Keyman Developer 10? E.g., some of our languages need tone and/or nasalization on characters like schwa and open o, and other languages use vowels with dots or macrons below instead yet still require tone and nasalization. I am able to copy/paste for what is seen but I cannot list two, let alone three unicode values for the identifier without generating an error. I’ve heard of some videos that might be helpful, a link there could help also.

Hi there

There’s a few guides for creating touch layout keyboards. This one:

has a section Key Code that sounds applicable. Since you want one key to output multiple unicode values, you’ll want a key code with a T_ prefix. For example, define a key codes T_02E7_02E5 or T_HEIDI

Then in the Layout --> source (.kmn file)
Define rules for those key codes

+ [T_02E7_02E5] > U+02E7 U+02E5
+ [T_HEIDI] > U+0041 U+00BB U+0300
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