Touch keyboard shift button

In touch keyboard, How to automatically turn off the shift key, after a key is pressed in shift layer.

I am using basic template to build the layout.

In Keyman Developer with your keyboard open, select Touch Layout / shift layer / shift key. Then down toward the bottom right there is a label for “Next Layer”. Choose “default”. I think that will make it always go to the default layer after you type one keystroke in the shift layer.

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I think @mayura was asking how to make any key switch the keyboard back to base layer after being pressed. The instructions @Lorna gave are nearly complete: just select each key in the shift layer, and set the “Next Layer” to “default”. Don’t forget to do the same for the keys in longpress menus on the shift layer.

(If you are game, you can probably do this more quickly in the Source view by editing the JSON. You may even be able to copy it into Notepad++ and use a regular expression search and replace to do it all in one hit! But I’ll leave figuring out the details of this to the reader…)

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Wonderful. Thanks.

This works like a charm.

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