Touch keyboard - android return "<" key function ; can its behaviour be determined?

Dear All,
In the course of testing the Touch keyboard we have discovered that after doing some edits, touching the return key “<” which is not part of the keyman keyboard I think (placed bottom right on galaxy S5), quits the program altogether. After an edit with the standard Samsung keyboard, touching the return key < just makes the keyboard go away, but does not exit the programme. I have recorded two videos that show this.
Any suggestions on how to make the keyman keyboard behave like the samsung with regards to touching the < key ?

video 1 Samsung keyboard closes after <

video 2 Keyman keyboard closes the app after <

This has been addressed in Keyman for Android 13.0.6210; see issue #2950, fixed in stable 13.0 in PR #3094. If this is still an issue in KAB, you’ll need to ask the KAB team to update the Keyman Engine version and then rebuild.

OK Thanks Marc, will do that.