Too easy to delete features in Touch Layout

I recently found that it is very easy to accidentally delete a number of features in a Touch Layout. There is no warning/confirmation window (telling me what I’m actually doing), and no undo feature that I can see.

I can delete a key if I click on the red x for a key:


I can delete a Platform or Layer if I hit the “Del” button for either:


It would be really helpful if there was a warning/confirmation window before deleting these items. I just did this in a layout and can’t figure out how to get them back. Luckily, I wasn’t very far into the layout.

Keyman Developer 11.0.1352.0



I also just found out that I can completely unintentionally delete a key using the red x. I clicked in the wrong place and it just disappeared. :-/

You should be able to press Ctrl+Z or select Edit/Undo to undo any changes in the touch editor.

Thanks @Marc, that does undo it. However, I still think it would be helpful to have a confirmation window.

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Thanks for the feedback. We chose not to include confirmation windows because of the ability to undo easily; they tend to break the workflow and the trend in computing is to have fewer confirmations (e.g. Windows 10 doesn’t confirm now when you delete a file, because you can immediately press Ctrl+Z to undo the action).

Ok, I understand. Thanks for the info and prompt reply.

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