To split apart touchscreen landscape keyboard

Hi Keyman Dev Team,
The Samsung keyboard is split apart in the landscape mode of the Android device. It is convenient to type with such a keyboard as the touch keys are closer to the thumbs.

Is it possible to implement such behaviour in Keyman for mobile and tablet devices?


Keyman Developer will allow you to insert empty space in the layout (between T and Y for example).

It’s not clear to me how such a landscape layout would look when the device is changed to portrait orientation. As I understand, Keyman uses the same layout (scaled appropriately) for portrait and landscape orientation.

Yeah, this is not really a thing that can be readily solved from the keyboard developer end. It’s functionality that needs to be added in Keyman itself. We have discussed this kind of functionality but it’s not on the roadmap for the next two releases as we are a very small team and don’t have the capacity to do it just now along with everything else we are working on. But it is under consideration for the future.

Thanks for your responses.
I will look forward to seeing such functionality in future releases.

This feature request can be tracked at feat(android): split keyboard · Issue #5791 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub.