To change font

I cant change My fonts in key man …How to change my default font

Hi @EE_Namakkal,
Please help me to understand the context of your question:

  • Are you developing a keyboard in Keyman Developer and want to choose the font in your On-screen touch keyboard?
  • Are you using an existing keyboard on a mobile device and want to change the keyboard display font? (This will require editing the existing keyboard)
  • Are you using an existing Keyman Keyboard on Windows/Mac/Linux and want to use a font. (Keyman doesn’t do this automatically, though some linguistic tools change keyboards and fonts based on context. In Word or some other publishing program, you have to choose the font manually)
  • Are you using an existing keyboard on a mobile device and want to change the output font? (Typically, these fonts are chosen by the application/operating system.)

I’m not sure if what EE_Namakkal is describing is the same problem I have in Keyman Developer (13). I can easily change the Character Font and the Code Font of the Editor in the View tab, e.g. from Consolas 9 to 12 (for both of them).
However, when I quit Keyman Developer and restart it later by clicking on the specific kmn file it reverts back to 9.
I also tried to adjust the fonts in Tools - Options, Editor tab, but if I adjust the Default font from Consolas 9 to 12, it shows the bigger font in the dialog box, but nothing happens in the Editor. The Quoted font is shown in that dialog box as Consolas 12, but is actually 9 in the Editor. If I change the Quoted font, say to 14, nothing changes in the Editor either. So it seems that changing the font in Tools Options doesn’t actually do anything.
I don’t quite understand why there are two ways to adjust the fonts, one under View and one under Tools Option. It seems to me that changing it in the View dropdown menu would be enough, but it should remember the setting.
Thanks for looking into that!

@Roland_Fumey, I don’t think that’s related to the original post. I believe we addressed this in Keyman Developer 14; however I know you were having trouble getting that version running. If we can solve the startup issues with version 14, can you try again with that version?

my issue is that i could not change my default fonts

I just tested this in Keyman Developer 14 (14.0.266) and the issue is exactly the same. Keyman Developer doesn’t remember the fonts used and reverts to 9 pt. Changing the default fonts in Tools - Options does not seem to do anything.

Now I just found out that in Keyman Developer (14.0.266) under Keyboards - Fonts you can adjust the ‘Text Editor Code’ and the ‘Debugger, Editor Characters’ Font. So I adjusted it from Consolas 9 to 12. This does change the fonts in the Editor but again only for the current session. When I quit Keyman Developer and restart it the font is back to 9pt.
Now there seem to be three ways to change the Editor font but none of them works the way I would expect it to. I’m rather confused.
Related to the above: It would be great if one could change the font size by ctrl+scroll as in many other programs.

I just installed the stable version 14.0.270, but unfortunately the problem persists:

  • If I change the fonts in View from Consolas 9 to 12, it reverts back to 9 when I restart Keyman Developer
  • If I change it in Tools - Options, Editor, it doesn’t seem to do anything
  • If I change it in Keyboard Fonts, it adjusts it to 12 but reverts back to 9 when I restart Keyman Developer

I hope you can reproduce this and fix it. Thanks!


Thank you for the detailed report of the font size not being persisted between sessions.

I am wondering – are you using a keyboard project? If you are using a default “blank project” (i.e. if you open your keyboard .kmn file by double-clicking, and you have not had a project open previously), you would lose the font settings between sessions because those font preferences are stored in the project. With recent versions of Keyman Developer, we are encouraging use of keyboard projects because they group the keyboard source files and user preferences neatly.

I am able to reproduce the issue of the default font not being used. I have written that up for further investigation at [Developer] Font management in Keyman Developer is overly complex · Issue #1093 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub (from that link you’ll see that font management is both complex because of many moving parts we have to consider, and, yes, overly complicated).

@EE_Namakkal, is your issue with Keyman Developer or Keyman?