Title page not showing up when importing bloomPUB

Hello, I’ve been using bloom for a while. I noticed with the change earlier this year from file type .bloomd to .bloompub it has changed the way that Reading App Builder imports the Bloom book. The Title page picture no longer shows up. Is this a known issue and is there a work around?

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Thanks, Dan. Testing RAB’s interaction with .bloompubs isn’t on my list of things I get around to, so I very much appreciate the heads up.

I will try to look into this soon.

Here are my assumptions going into this (please confirm):

  • you are building your app using the latest RAB build
  • the problem is general: it occurs for all of your .bloompubs on all devices
  • you created your .bloompubs using a current version of Bloom desktop (release or Beta)

I may write to you privately to obtain a couple of sample books.

Hi. I ran a test today using RAB 10.3 and importing .bloomPUBs created using Bloom 5.4.107 Beta.

I am not seeing the problem you are describing.

Of course, there are a lot of build-options to choose from so I don’t doubt that you are experiencing an issue. FWIW, I’m testing on an Android 12 phone, and I built the app using a minimum Android platform of 5.0.

Be sure to import actual .bloompub files, not .htm files from Bloom books.

As a Bloom tester, this is as far as I can take this investigation. You’ll need to pursue an answer from the folks with RAB.


Thanks Colin.

Yes, I am using the latest RAB build and Bloom desktop on Win 11. The problem occurs on all devices. I haven’t rebuilt an app for a while, but will need to with our next update within a month or two.

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