Tip: You can support Wasta users remotely with SSH

Secure Shell (SSH) is built in to Wasta. If you support Wasta users and know basic Linux terminal commands, then you can do so remotely with SSH. This has benefits over other remote desktop solutions, including:

  1. requiring minimal bandwidth
  2. not needing to install a client or other software at either end
  3. not needing user interaction

The requirements are that:

  1. you have access to an admin account on the user’s system (or the user’s account)
  2. you have access to the LAN the user is on (or direct VPN access to their system)

Just over a period of a few weeks I have used SSH to:

  • clear out space on a user’s disk that was full and preventing GUI login
  • “recover” lost files that the user had unknowingly drag-and-dropped into a different location
  • install software during off hours when the internet connection is better
  • troubleshoot WiFi issues (user had to connect to ethernet first, of course!)

To make this possible I have had to ensure admin accounts on Wasta systems I support, and I also have VPN access to the office LAN. But with these two pieces in place, I have done the above support from a different country with a relatively poor and unstable internet connection at both ends. This could even be done if the Admin is running a Windows system, but it would be a little more up-front configuration for the Admin’s system.

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