Tiny tiny font size in right hand pane on decodable book

Am using Bloom to write some decodable sentences and paragraphs. Have made a template so that local staff can create the sentences. It loads all the settings fine but the font size in the right hand pane is too small to see so they can’t see what the permissible letters and words are for each stage. Anyone know how to increase the font here? Thanks.


Hi Ian,
I’m sorry about this… we are aware of that there is a problem with some scripts (e.g. Arabic that have to be larger in order to be legible). We have a todo for Bloom 4.7 to let you specify the minimum font size that the user interface can use with a language, so that it is never too small. What script are you working in?

We might be able to do something for you in the meantime… if you want, go ahead an “report a problem” to our system.


I’ve sent Ian instructions on how to work this problem on his colleague’s machine. If anyone else needs these instructions, let me know. We should have a “real” fix in 4.7 beta in January.