Tibetan PC keyboard direct input: * key doesn't work as supposed

the * key is supposed to change letters, like ཆོ becomes ཚོ
or ཇ becomes ཛ
but if I press the letter and then the * key, it stays a *
What am I doing wrong?

It sounds like you’re trying to use

Can you tell us what version of Keyman you’re using on Windows?

According to the help documentation above, the correct typing order to produce the expected output “ཚོ” is to type x+Shift8+o; not x+o+Shift8

Hi Darcy,

I’ve now just uninstalled whatever version I had and installed the 1.4 direct input version.
But that one also does the same, the ཆkey and the *key don’t write the ཚ
Best wishes

I’ve tried shift8 and it works! Didn’t know about that one…Thank you!!!

Hi Darcy,
Someone recommended shift8 and it works.
Problem solved!! :blush:
Thank you!