The voul don't change the ge'ez consonant

The vouls are not working to change the feature of the consonants.
This happens for I am working with special software. That is:, and the software annexed to this are: Max MSP Jitter.
I am looking to this font for I wanted to edit the ge’ez alphabet on that software.
Thanks for you attention.

Welcome to the community.

This sounds like a bug. @marc please look into this when time allows.

@Beran For the time being, you might want to work on the text outside the app rather than edit it within the app.

Hi @Beran,

I’ve tested with Cycling74 Max but so far have not been able to reproduce the problem. Are you able to describe the issue in more detail, including step-by-step how to show us the problem?

Hi Marc,

I appreciated your input on this matter and now we can talk about the issue of the Abyssinia alphabet. I am glad also you tried with the Max 8, the product of

My goals are not to move critics, but to forward a trial and error if solutions are available.

Before writing this message, right at this time, I went back to the Max 8 hoping to be successful, but I am at the previous point.

I experienced a worse scenario. I opened the “Unicode support” before typing the Abyssinia alphabet. But the results are: the curser doesn’t move a bit, always at the beginning point, and there is no alphabet written to it.
Before contradicting myself, at my previous letter, I edited in MSOffice the messages and pasted into the Max 8.

Therefore, I need the Ge’ez alphabet for I am writing a book of music-songs. I am looking to work smoothly to attract people in reading and playing the notes at the same time.

I would like to know how you succeeded, because I want to edit my program in a good style. I send my cellphone to chat on this matter by “whatisup, zoom or else”

I appreciate any of your support.

With kind regards,

Fr. Berhanemeskel
00 251 91302 6625 cellphone

I think the problem is I am unfamiliar with Max 8 so I am not sure where you are experiencing this problem. Are you able to share screenshots showing where the problem arises? Or perhaps @makara, you could organise a remote screen share session with @Beran so you can observe the issue?

Ok , we can set a time to chat, dear. I will be back with you.

I appreciated your input,

Fr Berhanemeskel

Dear Marc,

I would love to share the screen to show you the inconvenient issue.
What is the good time for you to communicate with me? Please, give me few options so we can with issue.

A critical issue was to find good source of bandwidth. Sorry for the delay.

I am located in Ethiopia, a 3 GMT.

I appreciate your input.


Fr. Berhanemeskel M. Embaye