The text select clipboard feature in Keyman mbSindhi MLB repastes the previous word selected on a PC

I am new to using Keyman. I am not sure who is the best person to connect with.

I wanted to select individual words, place names for a map. from mbSindhi MBS Kalaam i Muqaddas running on Memu as recommended by Shledon Kohler. It worked wonderfully for 36 place names the first day. I was using Keyman keyboard mbSindhi. The document was Text Maps.

(An error message came the next day I returned to continue the task.). once that the Text Maps could not be saved to another name)

I tried saving the chart with the first 36 place names using another name as this was generally the draft procedure we had in business practice.

When I tried opening the newly saved document I was unable to point and select and long-point click any new words. If I restarted the Kalaam i Muqaddas text I could get only one fresh word transferred and pasted to the Text Maps document. Selection of the next word did not replace the previous word on the clipboard. I have Office 365.

Hi @elbon, welcome to the Keyman community!

I’m not sure if this is an issue with Keyman or something else. Keyman does not include clipboard functionality. It might help if you could provide some screenshots of each step you are taking and share them with us (to take a screenshot press Windows+Shift+S). If you prefer, you can share the screenshots via a private message (click on my name at top of this post and select the Message button).