The more I type, the slower the prediction/speed

We use Keyman keyboard to type in chat apps and to create web articles in our local language. It has been very helpful. But the more I type, the slower the prediction. Sometimes the app will hang, trying to load the prediction. This really slows down typing (taking a long while to finish typing just two pages of writing). Speed/predictiion also reduces when the network connection is on. I would have turn off prediction, but I need it for spell checking. Any advice please?
Note: If I copy the text I’ve written to somewhere else, and start on a fresh page, the prediction and typing become fast and smooth.

This is curious. @joshua_horton and @eddieantonio, any ideas?

Could you tell us a bit more about how you’re using the keyboard when this happens? I’m going to make a few guesses based on what you’ve written here, but please tell me if I’m wrong on any of these. We’ll need to reproduce what you’re seeing to figure out what’s going on.

  • It sounds like you’re using Keyman to type directly within other applications. (So, as a “system keyboard.”)
    • The way you’ve phrased it, it sounds like you’ve seen the issue occur in a number of apps? Does it happen in any app you type long articles in?
    • It sounds like the application itself - not just the keyboard - is being slowed down? When things “hang”, you can’t navigate within the app you’re using? Or are only text-related things affected?

Also, thanks for that note - that gives me some ideas of what to look at already. I’ve managed to reproduce the effect on my own phone (iOS 13.4, iPhone SE) after typing around three paragraphs. (The first sign: the keyboard starts to update a bit sluggishly.) Interestingly, it does affect the keyboard and not just the predictions, which isn’t something we’d have expected based, but does match what you’re talking about.

Which reminds me: what sort of device(s) are you using when you see this? If you’re on an iPhone or your device supports changing between system keyboards, swapping to a different keyboard and then back to Keyman should have the same affect as making a “fresh page”. Hopefully that can help mitigate the issue somewhat for you while we work on fixing the problem on our side.

As far as the “when the network connection is on” part, I have no idea what might be causing that; the predictive text engine shouldn’t be interacting with the internet at all. It’ll take some time to figure out what might be causing that.

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An update: I’ve identified one issue that was likely the cause of this and have put together a fix. The release-targeted version of the fix can be tracked at


This update should be available soon in Keyman for iPhone and iPad 13.0.109 and Keyman for Android 13.0.6215.

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I’m sorry I didn’t come around here in time to answer your question. But just in case my may still be of help:

  • The issue happens in Android 5.1 and 8.0.
  • It happens in a number of apps I type long text in. E.g. Notebook app, Google Keep, WPS Office.
  • When I say “hang”, I mean that the keyboard takes some time before producing the letter just pressed, and will not process any other key press until it is done with the previous one.
  • It affects only the keyboard, and not the app I’m typing long articles in, because if I switch to Gboard within the same app, the typing is smooth (but Gboard does not contain all the letters and tones needed in the language).

A friend who has been using the keyboard for this local language shared his experience with me. He had lost all the long text he typed because when he tapped the BACKSPACE button to delete a character, the keyboard kept backspacing, deleting the text as if the backspace key was held down. I have experienced this too. You might also want to look into this. Thanks. More grace.

Sorry to hear about that. Others have noted that issue (#1930) but we could never consistently reproduce the conditions to troubleshoot it. Could you check with your friend on his configuration? (Is he also using Keyman for Android?)

  • Device
  • Android version
  • Keyman for Android version number
  • Keyboard name and version
  • Language name

You can send the info in a PM if you’d rather not post.

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@darcy Hello, I’m having the same problem and it occurs in the same situation that @joshua_horton described in his second paragraph. This happens in the Keyman notepad and in Google Keep. My phone is a Pixel 3 XL, Keyman for Android 13.0.6215. I’m using the sxava keyboard. It’s language is Esperanto (shavian).