The ability to record quiz questions and answer using the Talking Book tool

The ability to record quiz questions using the Talking Book tool

A little more on this thought.

If questions could be recorded in the Quiz, then this would make it possible to create a simple but, I think effective, interactive, self-teaching primer usable in the BLOOM Reader app. We’ve made some good progress in this, but won’t be able to accomplish it, really, without this feature.

This is something I would like to see as a matter of urgency. Interactivity could be a gamechanger for Bloom. A self-taught transfer primer could very easily be developed if different types of quizzes were possible. iBooks widgets make this possible for other ebook creators. Could they be used somehow?

Yes Hazel, I agree. It feels urgent to me too.


a matter of urgency

It’s difficult for a new capability to qualify as urgent. If there is more organizational context contributing to this, feel free to write to me offline about it.

I’m afraid our plate is over full with contractual commitments and staff reductions through 2018. But we are dreaming of being given 2019 to work on feature requests, so please keep sending/voting on them (including your own suggestions)!

I think I’m out of votes!

I recognise your restraints and limitations, but am very grateful for what has been done already. Bloom is becoming more and more useful.

Agreed. BLOOM may be the best thing to happen to literacy since the Gutenberg press. Kudos.

When working with those who are using the very first readers, it would be very nice to have some new features in the quiz, since these folk cannot read either the question or the answer. If they are looking at their first talking books, and simply listening and tracking with the text, they will not be able to read and answer a question.

1)It would be nice to be able to be able to record the questions (and have the option of recording answers) using the Talking Book tool.

  1. It would be wonderful to be able to include pictures for the answers. For example:
    What did the mama in this story make for her daughter?
    *a skirt
    a canoe
    *a basket

We are working on this for Bloom 4.6.

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Exciting! Thank you!

This has shipped in Bloom 4.6 beta.