Text Missing in Bloom Reader

On my previous Bloom training, one of the participants Bloom Reader does not display the whole texts even though they have the same screen size. It was transferred using the same method via WIFI from the computer. Please see attached image for reference. Text_missing_in_Bloom_reader

Could you please use “Report a problem” in the main Bloom program to send us the book that has this problem?

It would also be helpful to know the models (and if possible screen resolutions) of the devices, particularly the one giving the wrong results.

I’d also be interested to know what font you are using, and whether you get any message about not being able to embed the font. It looks as if you are using the usual Andika New Basic font, but if your book uses a proprietary font that Bloom is not allowed to copy to another device, each device would choose a fall-back font of its own, and it’s just possible that the text would not all fit with one of the selected fonts.

Until we can fix things, it may help to adjust the book to give a little more space for the text (by making the picture a bit smaller), or use a slightly smaller font size.